'End all Sanctions, Free the Prisoners' by Yassmine Mather

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March 13th 2014

Catherine Ashton’s first visit to Iran’s Islamic Republic as European Union representative
marked the beginning of the second phase of Iran’s negotiations with the P5+1 powers, which, according to both sides, will be far more “difficult and challenging” than the initial phase.

'Rowhani in Davos and iran sanctions relief' By Yassmine Mather

03rd Anniversary of the Arab Spring


A region in flux

Hands off the People of Iran - Ireland - www.hopi-ireland.org


Yassamine Mather of Hands off the People of Iran examines the failure of political Islam and imperialism’s attempts to adjust its alliances Irrespective of what happens in 2014, the year 2013 will be remembered as a year of historic changes in Iran-US relations.

For the first time in 34 years, a US president has spoken to his Iranian equivalent, and the two countries’ foreign ministers have held face-to-face negotiations as well as a number of phone conversations. Contrary to what the supporters of the reformist movement in Iran claim, the dramatic changes in Iran-US relations are not simply a consequence of the June 2013 elections and the coming to office of a ‘moderate’ president in Iran.

Iran-US: Paper tigers and false victories

By Yassmine Mather.

The deal signed between Iran and the P5+1 countries in the early hours of November 24 was welcomed by most Iranians for obvious reasons:

A military attack against Iran’s nuclear installations is now far less likely to happen;
There is hope that alleviation of sanctions, even in the limited format proposed by the P5+1, will improve the dire economic situation;
The fact that the Israeli prime minister, Republican and Democrat warmongers in the US, Saudi Arabia as well as the more rightwing factions of Iran’s Islamic Republic are not happy should also be welcomed.